June Theme: Spiritual Rhythms

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Life is full of rhythms. The seasons, your heartbeat, having tummy trouble after a taco bell run and still going back the next time you crave it only to repeat the process again.

Some rhythms are unconscious and consistent. You don’t even think about breathing. You don’t tell your heart to beat. These are parts of our autonomic nervous systems.

Taco bell, however, is a choice.

Other rhythms are forced: reading your Bible each day and the habit of prayer. These are not done automatically or without your awareness (although with enough repetition one might approximate that). They require discipline and attention. One must attend to these things to ensure they continue. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to do this with your heartbeat or breathing? And yet these things can be as essential as a heartbeat or a breath.

This month we will be taking a hard look at developing and maintaining spiritual rhythms. While we attend to these things they are also a grace. It is a grace God allows us to pray. It is a grace God has given us the scriptures to study. Founding this in grace is one of the ways we can encourage ourselves to persist in these things.

Welcome to June!

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