I had no idea when we selected this theme for July that we would be in the middle of a larger discussion of the big picture of what is going on in Churches of Christ. We have had updates on our numbers and we are in a slow, steady decline. We have had a better picture of our age demographics and we are an aging bunch. We have also had numbers on church planting and it too is in steady decline since the 1960s.

What will it take to move into a bright and vibrant tomorrow?

How can we move forward giving our current state and our resistance to change. Obviously, not all change is good but not all change is bad and some things will need to change or else we will keep doing the same things over and over and expect a different results – we know what that is called and that is how many feel these days.

That is what we will be discussing this month at Wineskins. I hope you will tune in and resource yourself and your congregation and prayerfully consider what we need to be doing today in order to have a better tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

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