Theoporn: An Epidemic of Epic Proportions

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Anytime we attempt to blend Spirit and flesh the result is all flesh and no Spirit. What that combo produces is theological pornography. Theological pornography is when we put things in the guise of religiousity, righteousness, and biblicality but in reality it is base, crude, and appeals to our worst instincts.

We see people in debate mode, pressing for biblical truth while ripping people’s faces off in the process. Theological pornography.

We see people demean others…put their boot on their neck and have no mercy. Theological pornography.

We see others who objectify their opponents and in doing so feel empowered and entitled to treat them like objects instead of people. Theological pornography.

Still others dominate those around them. They dominate and subdue…all while maintaining their own aloofness and disconnection from real relationships. Just more theological pornography at work.

Some use fear to instill control in those under them, in their own personal hierarchy. Theological pornography.

Some enjoy watching the carnage. They enjoy watching two brothers or sisters in Christ duke it out in verbally or hyptertextually abusive ways – a guilty pleasure. More of the same.

Still others have zero commitment to those around them. Those around them are to be used for their own pleasure and position – just more theoporn.

We have a real problem with this. And it can affect anyone. You can check a few things to see if you are prone to this addiction:

1 – How deep are your relationships? Do they cost you something or are you just receiving while others give?

2 – Do you objectify people? One way to tell…do you consider their needs ahead of your own?

3 – Does submission only go in one direction rather than mutual (Eph 5:21).

4 – Do you lack accountability in the body of Christ? Or are there people who can and will call you on the carpet if you are out of line?

This is a real problem. If you don’t think it is, check numbers 1-4 above. This is a deep heart issue and I am afraid moving forward will be difficult until we work on this.

We need to restore our sensitivity. Like addition to sexual porn, we become desensitized to the destructive nature of these things. Things we once thought harsh now seem tame – systematic desensitization of the heart. God needs to put a new hear in us. We need to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit in each other. Only then we can we break down the objectification and replace it with humanizing people again.

Lord have mercy.

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