Ministers who work with congregations might do well to pay attention to how they begin.  Working with a congregation is much like marriage – it matters how you start.   The following suggestions may be very helpful if you are beginning a new work.  On the other hand, these suggestions may also be helpful even if you have served this congregation for months or even years.

Jim Martin is Vice President of Harding School of Theology. Jim spent many years as a preaching minister in Texas before taking on that roll. He has spent many years encouraging and developing ministers both in person and through his writing. You can read more from Jim at his blog God Hungry! Jim also has an email list where you can receive encouragement. There is no cost to subscribe, “Jim Martin’s Encouragement Note

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  1. Cardinal Borgoglio, now Pope Francis, always told new clergy that they would learn a whole lot about the congregation before the people would learn anything from them. That said, I would try to reach out to the undesirables in a congregation. Some of them are pretty nice people, and they know that they aren’t really wanted there, can never have a role, nor are they liked by the leadership.

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