Church Renewal: No One is Going to do it for you

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Many churches are waiting on finally making the right hire to finally find revival. It isn’t realistic. No one from the outside can do what you can’t do from the inside.

It is Deus ex machines – a last minute rescue from an unlikely source.

Your Savior already came and He wasn’t your next preacher.

If you want to see church revival it falls on you to begin doing what you can do to see it through. Stop waiting on someone else. Start embracing the opportunities God has put all around you to make a difference.

“But you don’t understand my elders…”

I can assure you, I do.

Elders won’t stop you from praying. They won’t tell you to stop encouraging people. They won’t tell you that you aren’t allowed to disciple people.

If you want revival stop waiting on humans. Start waiting on the Lord. Do what you can do to see it through. The most important pre-requisites for revival are “yes” not “no.” So start getting the easy wins, the small victories and be faithful. Then watch and see what God does with it all!

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