Easter Has Not Lost Its Power

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By Sandra Henderson

Let’s talk Easter. April 12 is Easter Sunday and as things stand today, we will all continue in a “shelter in place” status. So, what does this mean?

Well, it means the things we traditionally do together, as a gathered group, will not occur this year.

No churches hosting Easter egg hunts for the tots. No larger than usual church gatherings.

No big choirs or special solos or children’s productions to grace said larger than usual church gatherings.

No hosting of the big Easter feast as family and friends gather after church.

Baby’s first Easter this year will look different than probably any other Easter that baby experiences.

I must admit, I’ve had a few moments of genuine grief and disappointment as we’ve watched this whole thing play out. We desire to be obedient and careful as we work hard to stay away from people and try to stop the spread of this virus. But c’mon . . . it’s Easter!

I love to see the adorable littles dressed in new shiny clothes. I love to plan a service that encourages the church while exalting the name of the Risen Lord.  I love cooking a feast and planning a gathering that includes MANY friends and family.

So, for just a bit of time, I was sad. It just can’t happen that way this year and that makes me sad. Period. And that’s okay.

But then today, my heart changed. I was a tiny bit excited and maybe even embarrassed to have been grieving over new clothes and Easter baskets and glorious gatherings with friends and family.

Oh people…Easter is still coming. Whether we are in pajamas watching an online church service, cooking a ham for our little families, or hiding Easter eggs for our children without all the fanfare . . . Easter Is Coming.

It may not look the same, but the meaning has lost none of its power. It may not feel like Easters we are accustomed to, but the sweetness of the resurrection of Jesus is exactly the same. We may not do the same things on this coming Easter that we have done on other Easter Sundays, but the fact remains that Jesus Christ willingly and obediently died by crucifixion and on the third day rose in absolute power over sin and death remains the same.

Oh people, Easter is coming. Ready your hearts. There is work to be done and it has nothing to do with new clothes or Easter Egg hunts or big parties. We will remember that he is ALIVE!

Sandra Henderson is a Fresno native. She has served as the worship minister for the College Church of Christ in Fresno since 2003. Sandra and her husband Lex have two grown children. She has served on the board of Zoe and is active in a variety of ministerial forums.

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