Is our model of church governance biblical? Like so many things there are biblical principles in the way Churches of Christ lead the congregation but we also find some areas lacking.

In my experience we focus almost exclusively on what it takes to get in (the checklists in the pastorals) but pay little attention to the character and qualities of those who are elders/shepherds.

If we want a biblical model for leadership we have to pay attention to the whole of scripture on the subject of church leadership. We will be exploring church governance in July. I believe it is one of the areas that is really holding us back as a movement and the way forward involves taking into account more scripture, not less.

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  1. So, why do we insist on making the first century Greco Roman world a model for all cultures in all centuries? Do we really think this is what God intended? Women wearing veils and keeping quiet? And who gives us the authority to dismiss these while holding on to those few we decided were ‘approved precedent’? Who approves?

    Ed Carr

  2. CofC elderships are frequently self-perpetuating and reserved for the very few old married men with children who had to be good cofC members themselves, who have done everything perfectly, and who don’t have opinions that are the least bit different. After all that, they can take care of the building, personnel, money, and be, in essence, a trustee. That lets out so many who are highly qualified and willing to serve from the trustee standpoint.

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