1 – How are you raising up the next generation of leaders?

2 – How are you reaching the fastest growing group of non-Christians (the no religious affiliation people)?

3 – How are you making discipleship normal for the next generation (our kids)?

4 – How can you be more inclusive of women without violating your interpretation of scripture?

5 – What kind of vision is God giving your congregation specific to your circumstances (location, people, resources, giftedness, history, etc)

6 – Does your church want to get well of any unhealthy patterns, behaviors or culture you have embraced? (John 5:6)

7 – Who is God calling you to be Jesus to in your community?

8 – How is God currently working in your community that you need to partner with him on?

9 – What is one thing you are not allowed to talk about in your church? Why?

10 – What would it take to develop a culture of openness, play, and inquisitiveness?

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