Teach sound doctrine?

Worship correctly?

How about plant more churches? That’s what I am talking about. If we don’t plant more churches, we are effectively gone in 30 years.

99.9% of churches don’t last 100 years. Most of our churches are 60-80 years old. That means, if we don’t plant new churches we are gone in 30 years.

We aren’t planting enough new churches. We are averaging less than 20 per year, which pales in comparison with how many churches are dying each year.

We need a “Walk This Way” moment where church planters and established churches work together and pool resources to start new churches.

If we don’t, we die. Simple as that. I don’t mean to start August on a downer. I do want to get your attention.

This month we will have articles from church planters, church planting trainers, church leaders, etc on the blog, podcast and YouTube. Buckle up and start praying for revival!

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