I added a frame to my Facebook profile recently proudly stating Jesus for 2020. And then it got me thinking, am I serious about that? 

It sounds really good but what if it means:

doing away with the death penalty and dissolving our military and defense programs because I’ll be too busy loving my enemies and won’t have time to bomb them?

sharing all of my resources and finances so that no one around me is in need?

declaring the Kingdom of God first, not America, or any other foreign empire?

refusing to pledge allegiance to anyone or thing other than the Christ?

shaking up the status quo to seek justice for the oppressed and marginalized?

flipping the tables of the local church and the theology of tradition and fear she sometimes pedals?

joyfully serving the least of these and refusing to judge their life choices?

losing my reputation with the religious to work for peace with my fellow outcasts.

I have a bad feeling it wouldn’t take long for us to go from “Jesus is Lord!” to “Jesus is asking too much!”

Maybe it’s time to prayerfully consider what Jesus for President would actually mean for our lives, for our country, and for our future. And then ask ourselves if we would we even vote?

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  1. Jesus transcends politics or any projection mortal man can come up with. Jesus and politics don’t mix. Political parties are made up of men and women who are sinners – and most do not even know who Jesus really is! The best books on Jesus are inadequate. All interpretation of scripture is flawed in some way because we bring our own biases to the text. Instead of trying to put Jesus closer to a political party to make us feel better about our own deplorable souls, we need to set our spiritual compass to having the mind of Christ. When Christians start judging each other according to what political party they should be in, it always goes to, “how can some be a ………, and believe it is okay to ………? We justify what we believe that we know goes against the way of Christ. Instead of creating division, we need to focus on worshiping our Holy Father God! Politics becomes a small affair when we realize that the creator of the universe is so much grander than our petty ways.

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