40 Days of Prayer to Start 2021

Download the PDF of this content here. We are starting our 40 days of prayer this Sunday – January 3rd but you are welcome to start it anytime you like! Prayer has been a core activity of the people of God since the beginning. Before we understand how to pray we need to know why […]

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas. I am thankful for you and appreciate all the conversations we get to have here at Wineskins. You are wonderful people and you create a beautiful community where we encourage and challenge each other to grow deeper in our faith! Merry Christmas!

Next Steps for Christianity: The Shift From Acts 10 to Acts 17

In the previous article I outlined how in many ways the Church of Christ never moved out of Acts 2. We stay in Jerusalem amongst those who are most culturally similar to ourselves. We know that conversation. We know that debate. In Acts 2, Peter and the apostles knew how to have a conversation amongst […]

The Road to Revival Will Come Through This BIG Shift

When we send missionaries to foreign fields they typically spend quite a bit of time learning the culture and language of the people they are going to reach. I had one friend who had to learn one language to learn the actual language of the place he was going! Where they are going is not […]

Jesus, a Baby Like Moses: Matthew’s Jewish Nativity

The depth of the Spirit inspired Jewish character of the Gospels is often missed in our contemporary world. Today we will look at how Matthew thinks we are experts in Exodus “pattern” and have lots of Jewish tradition floating in our heads as he begins the story of the Messiah. The existence of Luke shows […]

Loving A World That is Constantly Changing

As we talk about Christ, culture and church it is important to take note that the world has changed. Many of us learned how to win theological arguments against churched people. The assumption that the people you meet have a baseline knowledge of Jesus and some past church experience just isn’t the case anymore. That […]

An Appointment

I will be 79 in January. My brother John would be 81 in February. I write “would be” because it is expected that his life will end soon. He was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer several months ago.  Hold on! My brother is not in despair. He talks openly about his death, and what will […]

December Theme: Christ, Church and Culture

One of the most amazing things about the writing of the Bible is that God did not turn the writers into robots to get the writing done. Each writer has their own vocabulary, grammar, etc that is slightly different than the other writers. God didn’t dictate every word. God uses the writers given their particular […]

The Power of Contemplative Prayer

By Charles Kiser Elaine Heath, in her book The Mystic Way of Evangelism, recounts a time she took a group of her SMU students to visit the Missionaries of Charity in Dallas — a branch of the ministry started by Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India in 1950. The ministry was located in a little red […]