January Theme: Online Church

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When the pandemic hit in March many churches moved to an online format. Some already had this in place. Others had to make needed shifts to get the technology in place to livestream or pre-record service. The results has been an endless supply of online material as well as efforts to keep various congregations moving ahead in spite of not being able to meet in person.

Every time a major piece shifts in church life other pieces must shift as well. This leaves me wondering what happens when you spend time making sure everyone knows not meeting together is still “church”?

Will people return?

Will the inclusion of pre-recorded women’s voices translate into women being vocal in the assembly when people meet again?

Will church leaders look for other options?

Will the paradigm of high overhead, low reproducibility finally bite the dust and be replaced with something more Acts 2?

Time will tell but in the meantime we can talk, dream, plan, cast vision and execute on new (actually old) approaches. At the end of the day my hope is “less talk more do”.

Maybe it is finally time the church has left the building to go out to be where the people who need Jesus actually live!

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