Seven Things We Learned About Church In Pandemic

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Flexibility – not everything is going to happen on schedule. Get used to making adjustments. This is going to get us limbered up for the future when we are going to have to get more innovative in areas that we could have never done had the pandemic not taken place. Consider this a warmup!

Technology – Many churches moved their message from a few hundred people in the local congregation to thousands of people online. This forced the infrastructure to be put into place that can enlarge churches’ global footprint for many years to come. Let’s use this wisely.

Facility – The facility finally got put in its place…large rooms that sat empty 90% of the time now sit empty 99% of the time. The idol of the big building has been exposed.

Simple – Simple approaches are becoming more viable in a way that would have never happened without a pandemic. People are meeting in homes, in backyards, and in parks

The church has moved out – In the absence of corporate building-centered worship, the church moved out to where non-believers are at. It is in these places and spaces that new people can be reached and the visibility of the church is increased. The church left the building and now the church has opportunity to connect with new people.

Less reliance on the local ministers – People started looking out for each other in instances they may have previously relied on staff or elders to do.

Exposure to more teachers – As people stayed home they “attended” churches they would have never had contact with otherwise through YouTube and Facebook livestreaming. This will ultimately prove healthy as people engage new ideas and worship styles. They may glean ideas to bring back to mother ship.

What would you add to the list? What have you learned?

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