Taking a Genuine Interest in Others

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Jesus came in the flesh to “dwell among us.” God in the flesh is relational.

Jesus was amazing at connecting with people. He always took interest in those around him. He noticed details about them and was curious about them. He asked them questions and I can only imagine that people around Jesus could feel a sense that he thought they mattered.

Pharisees mattered.
Tax collectors mattered.
People caught in adultery mattered.
Samaritans mattered.

If we take a page out of Jesus’ book – people will matter to us as well. We will take a genuine interest in those around us. Get to know them…ask them questions…give them a sense that they truly do matter to you.

When Jesus left the earth and went back to the Father he left us here in his absence. He gave us the Holy Spirit to help us. And now we get to “dwell among” the people we encounter on a regular basis and impact them with the good news about Jesus.

When we encounter people, do we see them as a project or for what we can get out of them? Or do we see them as Jesus saw them – as people made in the image of God and loved?

So the next time you are around someone knew, ask yourself what Jesus would say about them if he met them?

Take notice of them…look for things about them that can give you an inroad into conversation that might just bring them closer to the one who cares the most – Jesus! Then dive in and see what happens. You will find most people enjoy conversations with those who take a genuine interest in them and most people can spot a fake a mile away.

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