November Theme: Meta-Church

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Believe it or not this theme was selected in November 2020 and rolls out a year later, days after Facebook made their re-branding announcement to the name Meta.

The etymology of “meta” is Greek and it usually means something like “with” or “after” but in English it has come to be known as something that is self-referential. So meta-cognition is thinking about how you think. Meta-church is reflecting on what church is all about. It is the conversation under the conversation. Like on a computer, you see a graphical user interface but underneath it all is the hardware and software…the wiring and ones/zeros that make it all actually work.

In the month of November let’s talk about the operating system of our churches…the things behind the scenes that we don’t even realize are there but are integral to maintaining and perpetuating church as we know it. The reason for this is to understand reality and to cast a healthy vision for the future.

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