“Must Have” Resources on Genesis

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As we study Genesis this month, here are the resources that I highly recommend. These have been staples in my studies over the last 10+ years:

NICOT – Genesis by Hamilton (2 volumes) – Genesis 1-17 & Genesis 18-50
A solid commentary in my favorite series. A pretty theologically conservative approach.

Genesis for Everyone by Goldingay (2 volumes) – Genesis 1-16 & Genesis 17-50

These are introductory level but are also helpful for more advanced students. Perfect for Bible class teachers, personal study, sermon prep, etc. Goldingay is great.

NIV Application – Genesis by Walton

This can be used by people of all levels. It isn’t really all that basic but it doesn’t require much knowledge of Hebrew or anything like that.

Interpretation – Genesis by Brueggemann
Love Walter Brueggemann in many instances. He has said some things that make me pause a sec…this commentary is helpful.

How to Read Genesis by Longman
Understanding Genesis by Sarna
Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology by Walton
The Lost World of Genesis 1 by Walton
The Lost World of Adam and Eve by Walton
The Lost World of the Flood by Walton
Genesis Unbound by Sailhamer

What would you add to the list?

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