Making Disciples of the Nations

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A couple of years ago I began praying a prayer – “God, if you will teach me to make disciples I promise you that I will do it.” I prayed that prayer for months until I met someone who asked me if I knew how to make disciples. I told this person that I knew how to make converts (Bible studies geared toward convincing people to be baptized) but that I didn’t have a solid approach to discipling anyone.

This expert disciple-maker began inviting me into environments, cohorts and conversations with expert disciple makers who taught me how to make disciples. I have been doing it every since and it is one of the best ministry shift I have ever made.

Let me ask you the question he asked me, do you know how to make disciples? Or maybe, like me, you just know how to make converts.

I would love to hear your answer in the comments.

Please follow along this months as we give you information and equipping both here and on the Wineskins YouTube channel on how to make disciples who make more disciples. I hope you will commit to making this ministry shift if you haven’t already!

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