Key Principles in Making Disciples #2 – It Starts With Incarnation

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When God choose to create a kingdom following, He did it by coming in the flesh. The incarnation of Jesus kicked off God’s mission to make disciples of the nations.

Discipleship requires presence.

Jesus, God in the flesh, came into the world as Emmanuel – God with us.

Just as God started his disciple-making mission to the nations with the incarnation of Jesus, God continues it through us. We are embodied people and we are able to walk alongside others, showing them the Jesus-way of life.

This will not happen through the internet or a blog series. This will not happen through YouTube. There are many great resources in all of those places and that’s a great thing! But it isn’t enough. At the end of the day, disciples and making disciples requires people who are bodily present.

You and I have an amazing calling of making disciples of the nations and we must do it in person, a few people at a time, over and over again. It seems like a daunting task but God has a way of taking what we sow and multiplying times 100!

Begin thinking about and acting on how your presence in the community, when you are out to dinner, pumping gas or at your job can be leveraged for discipleship and eternal life transformation of the communities we live in.

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