How Technology Helped Kill Appreciation

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As the rate of technological advancement increases, our ability to appreciate what we have is more easily diminished.

Let’s use phones as an example. They remained virtually unchanged for nearly 100 years until the cordless phone came out…then the bag/mobile phone. Those were the biggest innovations in generations and nothing came after them for quite some time.

Once cell phones came on the scene we have seen newer and better phones come out every few months! The desire to have the latest and greatest in the past meant you could wait 15 years. Now you can’t even make it 15 months.

What does it do to our hearts in a time where the moment you buy something it is nearly obsolete?

How do we maintain appreciation in an age of this speed of advancement?

First, we have to assess our worth from the right metrics. We are image bearers of God. Our access to tech has no bearing on our worth.

Second, we need to be mindful to not compare ourselves with others. One of the markers of true maturity is the ability to be happy for someone who has something you want. The spiritually immature will covet it rather than celebrate it for someone else.

Third, we have to battle our flesh. The desires the spring from the flesh like jealousy and covetousness need to be identified and rooted out. The fruit of the Spirit must take the place of these fleshly desires.

This allows us to maintain appreciation in the face of not always getting what we want. In fact, in our day and age not getting what we want might be a spiritual discipline that we should regularly exercise!

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