The Grace of Gratitude

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We are in a real struggle to have gratitude today. The louder voice is the voice of the critic. Criticism is more expedient because it takes far less time and energy to point out problems than it does to actually make something better.

The food at the restaurant isn’t just right – can we show grace?
The line at the store is too long – can we find good in the waiting?
Your car breaks down on a hot Summer day – will any good come from the inconvenience?

Because everything in this world comes with problems it takes grace to have gratitude.

Maybe we need to find the discipline of suspending judgment at times in order to enjoy the beauty still present in the imperfect. I am not talking about condoning injustice. I am saying that if all we do is criticize we might allow a bitter heart to form within us that hardens us to some wonderful blessings.

Consider all the people who still put up with imperfect you! Now that’s grace! Once we see this in ourselves and appreciate those who love us anyway we are able to extend this kind of grace to others.

The good news is that God went first in Christ because if He hadn’t, I am not so sure we would have ever figured out the grace of gratitude!

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