Thank You for The Last 9 Years at Wineskins! A Message From Matt

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It has been an honor and a privilege to serve here at Wineskins over the last 9 years. I cannot begin to tell you what a joy it has been to run Wineskins since 2013! It was a real blessing for Keith Brenton to hand this off to a dedicated team (Jay Guin, Brad Palmore and myself in October of 2013!

There are two things I want to communicate as I wrap up my time at Wineskins:

First, the site is in good hands. More on that soon! I really think you are going to love the new leaders and their direction. I trust them 100%.

Second, a personal update. A number of years ago God called me to discipleship and disciple making. I made some promises to God and some requests of God. God answered the prayers and I am committed to making good on my side of the deal. That means I need more time to focus on making disciples and helping others learn to do the same. This is why I stepped down at Wineskins, to devote more time to planting house churches and making disciples. That leads me to the next point.

We planted a church during COVID called Backyard church here in Auburn, AL. It has been a real blessing and a huge leap of faith. Once again, God has come through every time.

All of that to say two things. First, I hope you will stick around to see the next iteration of Wineskins. It is going to be a real blessing to the Restoration Movement and I support the new leadership. Second, you are welcome to connect with me if you are interested in house church planting or making disciples and I would be glad to help in any way I can. Here is my email – I am also still writing at and still posting videos to youtube that are focused on the teachings of Jesus in order to follow Jesus (discipleship). I also have a weekly email update of all the content from the previous week (articles, videos and free ministry tools I am developing). You can sign up for the weekly email here.

Let’s take these transitions to God in prayer and ask Him to bring a harvest 100 times what is being sown here! Thank you for your patience in the transition…good things ahead at



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