By Greg Taylor
Why is Dan Brown’s vision of Jesus in The Da Vinci Code more intriguing to millions of people than the version they hear in most churches today?
That’s the question Brian McLaren asks in his newest book, The Secret Message of Jesus. Timed to release alongside the movie version of The Da Vinci Code, McLaren’s book addresses this question and engages those who want to discover something new about Jesus that has been kept secret or hidden for centuries. With sales of more than forty million books worldwide, Brown’s is the best-selling novel ever. Millions more will watch the movie to be released May 19 and walk out of the theater fascinated by Brown’s revision of the Christian story.
The Secret Message of JesusMcLaren continues: “What if, properly understood, the canonical (or accepted) Gospel of Matthew is far more radical and robust than the apocryphal Gospel of Thomas or the canonical Gospel of John is far more visionary and transformative than the apocryphal Gospel of Peter — if only we ‘had ears to hear,’ as Jesus says?”
In our newest issue of New Wineskins — “The DiVine Code” — Wade Hodges reviews McLaren’s latest, The Secret Message of Jesus: Uncovering the Truth That Could Change Everything (Nashville: W Publishing Group, 2006).
During the next two months New Wineskins offers both expert analysis and an open forum for readers to dialogue about the person of Jesus Christ, The Da Vinci Code, the canon, and new developments such as the English translation of The Gospel of Judas. Join us in discussion by clicking the comment, trackback, and forum links below each web article.Greg Taylor
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Greg TaylorGreg Taylor is the managing editor of New Wineskins, a former missionary in Uganda, and now an associate minister for spiritual formation, outreach and small groups at Garnett Road Church of Christ in Tulsa. He is the author of the novel High Places and co-author (with John Mark Hicks) of the baptismal study Down in the River to Pray”. He is married to Jill and they have three children. [Journey With Greg Taylor Blog]

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