Resources for Making Disciples Cross-Culturally

As Jesus said goodbye to his disciples, right before his ascension into the heavens, he gave them his Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20).  As their King, he told them that they were under his authority.  Being in charge, he charged them to go into all of the world.  As their Rabbi, he told them to make […]

Influence, Gravity, and Learning from “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill”

Christianity Today’s series “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill” is not for the faint of heart! But it is an important resource for church leaders, church planters and trainers of church leaders and church planters.  The series looks at the way Seattle’s Mars Hill Church grew rapidly, influencing many, but then suddenly collapsed. CT […]

The Church Has Always Been a Virtual Body

Deanna Thompson describes herself as a “digital skeptic,” but that changed while undergoing the isolation imposed by a serious cancer diagnosis. During that difficult time, friends and family members connected with her through virtual tools, and that care and assistance caused her to rethink the power of digital relationships.  She highlights an insight by Jason […]

Conflict! Stalactites, Stalagmites and the end(?) of the Cave Wars

This poem was inspired by a trip to Carlsbad Caverns. In my mind it plays out like a Pixar Short or a children’s book in the Dr. Seuss style, but since I lack both the technical and artistic skill for those types of projects :-), right now I need to rely on a more powerful resource… […]

Disasters As Accelerators: On Relationships and Resurrection Life

Esther Perel, a therapist and author, in talking about the impact that this season of lockdown is having on couples and their relationships, notes that “some people might come out of this wanting to get married, while others will come out wanting a divorce or a breakup.” That observation may not surprise us as we’ve […]

Mt. Rushmore Matters: Leadership Ideals and Disciple-Making

Why do we lead the way we do?  How does that impact disciple-making? For Christian leaders to respond to the lack of discipleship/disciple-making in the Church (what Dallas Willard referred to as The Great Omission), we’ll need to think critically and carefully about our own leadership framework.  It may be helpful to consider the cultural […]

What Bighorn Sheep can Show Us: Vision, Leadership, and Brooming

This past summer, our family got to visit Colorado National Monument.  At one of the visitor centers, a ranger talked about the different animals in the park and showed us a skull of a Bighorn Sheep.  He pointed out how the horns curved around the skull, but were broken off at the end.  The ranger […]

On Fieldwork in Ministry: Tools for Understanding our Contexts

Principal Cook, of the West Side High School in Newark, New Jersey, had a problem.  Some students resisted when security officers tried to check their bags.  While one might assume they resisted because they were carrying drugs or a weapon, when Principal Cook started asking questions, he found that some students couldn’t afford to wash […]

Abide and Go: John 15 and a Spirituality for the Sent

It all started with back pain.  At first, it was annoying and I figured it was just part of getting older.  But, as the pain got worse and interfered with my ability to function, we realized that this wasn’t normal.  My wife, Rachel, and I did some research and were surprised to learn that with […]