Are We An Evangelical Church?

By Bob Turner I’ve heard it. You’ve heard it. We’ve all heard it.  People don’t want to be part of an Evangelical church.  They are bothered by what they see online, and embarrassed at the behavior of some Evangelical leaders. They’ve had enough. They want out. In response to this, people occasionally ask me a […]

Making a Statement?

So did you notice that on Sunday your preacher was silent on that really big current event? You know, the one everyone was talking about? No statement, no prayer, nada. Took the stand and pleaded the fifth. Dropped the ball when they could’ve dropped the mic. Why not say something? It’s complicated. Here are a […]

Leaving Nashville. Rebuilding Detroit

In some ways, Nashville and Detroit don’t have much in common. They are in different regions with different weather. Leave Nashville and you’re in the country; leave Detroit and you’re in another country. They have a bit in common. Nashville is Music City, while Detroit has Motown. Henry Ford’s Detroit might be the Motor City, […]

What the Beatles Teach Us About Leadership

In November Disney+ released Get Back, a look into the recording sessions that produced The Beatles’s album Let it Be. Director Peter Jackson obtained the 60 hours of video and 150 hours of audio that was recorded for the1970 Beatles documentary Let It Be, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. That original documentary was 80 minutes; Jackson’s […]

4 Resources for Preachers on a Skinny Budget

As a theological librarian I get to work with the best resources from the leading publishers. Theological libraries are great, but most preachers don’t live near one. I’m also a preacher, so I’m always on the hunt for illustrations and fresh ideas. Sure, there are new books published every day. But since your compensation package […]