Why Your Testimony Should Not Be About You

I want to hear your personal testimony. I do. Honestly. I want to hear how God moved inyour life and called you to follow Jesus, how you accepted, how you converted, how you nowwalk in the light. And yours too. And yours. And you, over there sipping the latte. And you inthe back of the […]

Innovate or Die (12 Innovations For Today)

It can be a scary word, “innovation,” particularly for a fellowship that prides itself on sticking with Scripture as its core anchor—as it should. But COVID has thrust us—many of us kicking and screaming, some of us quite happily—into a very new world of how we do church. Thousands of Christian leaders across all stripes […]

You are so Loved

On February 14, 1999, Valentine’s day as it turned out, I was employed by a church as their youth minister, and that was the day I made the decision to be baptized. I’ll come back to that. But first, Philadelphia. If you’ve ever been there, chances are you went to liberty hall, saw the bell, […]

Towards Visual Worship and Good Stewardship of Design

On Sunday night, August 31, several youth groups from San Antonio-area churches of Christ met at our church, the New Braunfels Church of Christ, for a youth praise event. But this one was slightly different. Our theme was Light The Way, and part of the “sermon” was me using a tripod, a camera, a 25-second […]

Tribal Youth Ministry (Part 3): How to Do It

            In the previous article, I wrote briefly about some of the passages which provide a framework for an intergenerational youth ministry. It’s not a new concept, but what is new is our many and varied opportunities to integrate our adults into our youth ministries. So let’s flex our creativity muscle and think about some […]

Tribal Youth Ministry (Part 2): Theological Basis for the Shift

In the previous article, I gave some vistas of the modern landscape of rank & file youth ministries, in hope of sparking some interest in doing things differently so we may achieve some different results. One of toughest things about about dealing with young people is that you may never see the fruit of the […]