The Imago Dei

There is a really poignant visualization in the Bible that I’ve learned in Divinity School after four decades plus of being churched. A picture of a thousand sentiments in one single, finger-snap shot. It is the image of the Imago Dei, of which the literal definition is “image of God.” If we are to hold […]

Healing in Holy Week

I’ve been thinking a lot about a lot of things this week because I’m a deep thinker, but also because it’s Holy Week. I’ve been in a week of learning, relearning, and creating new pathways for my brain to replace the old negative ones. Thoughts from PTSD/OCD can control someone to a place they don’t […]

Valley Girl Redemption

I know what you’re thinking…the term “valley girl” is most often described as a female from California with a certain recognizable accent. And you’d be right. Except I’m speaking from a different valley, not one on the West Coast. I’m referencing a very real valley, yet one not locatable on a map. The valley I […]

Fleeing Fear-Theology

I had to. I had to save myself, my life, and the loving God of my mind. I could not find any rest in this vindictive meanie residing up in the clouds. This notion of this type of HE didn’t work for me. You see, I lived in an airtight bubble of a theology that […]

Riding Shotgun with Faith **Where is God?**

This is a daunting question I’m faced with daily as a chaplain. Individuals burned over 75% of their bodies, trauma victims from motor vehicle accidents and gunshots and stab wounds, women who’ve lost their babies, first-time chemo patients…this is a normal day within a hospital. This is real life. While we all desire an unstormy, […]

What the Birds Know

Isaiah 40:31 ESV -But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. “The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is […]

Heart String

Let’s imagine our hearts are like a ball of twine. When we are born, the ball is neat, and the twine soundly bound, all tidy, everything in its place. The ball is round and perfect in this state, as it is. Somewhere in childhood, the end of the twine becomes loose from the ball. It […]

The Engine of Grace

What are we to make of this inexplicable sponge soaking up our sin and pain while simultaneously releasing everlasting freedom… An unending, last-drop-of-the-ocean wheel turning eternally, reflecting us as one in need, yet also one overflowing… Such sweet and ripe grace injected into our spirits as each sand grain drops through a perpetual hourglass… With […]

Noise: The Injection of Negativism

Recently I made a dramatic change; I opted out of various social media and news sites because of one reason. This was injecting negativism into my life on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. We reside in a highly-reactive society, mostly non-reflective online culture. No matter what we say, as positive as it may be, someone […]

The Lens of Unworthiness

One of my professors this year stated that theologians see something wrong in the world and try to right it, or write it, I would add. I certainly don’t plant myself in any capacity as a theologian by any means, but I have seen enough of something wrong that alarms me to the core. I […]

Why I’m a Chaplain; The Urgency of this Moment

I used to float along through life assuming I had eighty or so years to be the person I wanted to be, and do the things I wanted to do. When the awakening sliced me to the core, that there was NO guarantee of my ignorant and illusory timeline, I woke up. The truth, I […]

Red and Yellow, Black and White

When I was a baby, my Mom sang this song to me, which I now sing to my son…. “Jesus loves the little children All the children of the world Red and yellow, black and white They are precious in His sight Jesus loves the little children of the world.” I had a gorgeous dream […]

These Treacherous Times

This is a very difficult topic to write about, particularly in this polarized, contemptuous climate in our country. But I do feel compelled and called to address this as it’s happening in real time, and needs attention by those of us claiming Christianity as our way of life. I have cried so much these past […]

The Art of Empathy

I’ve become heart-weary over the angst and seemingly non-stop feuding on social media over political matters. Admittedly, I too have posted things, some in jest with silly emojis, some from my soul’s take on the current climate. Somehow someway, and I do not claim to be the bearer of answers, we must get back to […]

Prayer for 2017

Let this be the year we forgive a grudge. Let this be the year we live in more peace and less angst. Let us construct a bridge where a mighty wall once stood. Let us love each other without condition. Let us accept one another unequivocally. Let us be Jesus representatives on foot and in […]

What Faith Does

The tragedy of suddenly losing my husband and our child’s father left us shell-shocked, tossed and torn. Our boat of three shrunk to two, and the captain at the helm was instantaneously gone. He was only forty and our son was four. What happens when the unthinkable happens and the unsinkable takes on water and […]