The church is failing to protect our kids and we must remedy it

2018 was a year to remember. Unless you were asleep under a rock somewhere, you will have an awareness that the faith community and beyond was rocked by sex abuse scandals. January began with the Larry Nassar sentencing in Lansing, MI where an unprecedented over 150 victims gave impact statements on record. In the same […]

Fighting Pedophilia in the Church: A Special Ops Ministry

As I sat in college Bible classes, I daydreamed of what I’d be doing in ministry.  I heard professors tell us students cool stories of being missionaries overseas.  For the first time in my life, I was in the heart of the Bible Belt where the church was thriving.  And it was awesome!  I logged […]

Freedom From Sin!

I grew up in a congregation where baptisms felt more like examination day than a celebratory ceremony. Prior to being baptized, we were asked a series of questions to make sure that we were being baptized “for the right reasons.” If we passed the oral exam, our baptism was followed by one or two awkward […]

Pornified Church

Warning: The contents of this post are of an adult nature. Our goal in posting this is to raise awareness of a very dark side of humanity that may be closer to us than we think so that it can be addressed and combated more intentionally in our churches. “Those who are well have no […]

Shepherds Network Northeast August 1st-3rd at OVU

  The Shepherds Network, which was created in 2011, is an outreach of Harding School of Theology.  Their goal is to encourage church leaders and their wives, while providing additional resources to enhance their service to the local church and the Kingdom of God.  Shepherds Networks have been hosted in Memphis, with the exception of […]

What Place do Pedophiles Have in the Church?

After Jimmy Hinton’s previous article on “Protecting Our Children from Pedophiles” I asked him to write a follow up piece about what we can do as Christians to continue to understand how to interact with people who struggle with this as they are people just as in need of Jesus as anyone else. This article […]