September Theme: Something A Bit Different

This month we are going a different route. Instead of a set theme we are opening the floor to writers sharing on whatever topic they would like. I am looking forward to hearing from a variety of topics and writers this month! See you in the comments.

Tips For Discipling Your Own Children

Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to discipling your own children. 1 – Start before they are born. Get in a routine of reading scripture to them, praying over them, etc. You cannot start too early! 2 – When they are infants, everything is done to them and for […]

Acts 2:39 – God Cares About Generations and Nations

In a month of considering how God uses generations for His purposes I am drawn to an easily overlooked verse in Acts 2. We often focus on 2:38 to talk about baptism but what about 2:39? Here is what it says, “The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far […]

There is An Article Each Week You May Not Be Getting

I want to make you aware of one new service we are offering at Wineskins. We are now using Mailchimp to send out one email per week that has links to everything we put out in the previous week: blogs, podcast, youtube. Each weekly email starts with a thought for the week that you can […]

A Few Issues With Age Segregated Ministries

It has become extremely popular to have specific ministries for specific ages. It makes sense on one level…I will even say it “works” depending on how it is done. People who are in the same stage of life can easily relate to each other. It isn’t a stretch to spend time with people who are […]

August Theme – Connecting the Generations

Most churches adopted an age segregated approach to ministry starting several decades ago. We siloed our young people and then our young adults into age-graded ministries. While much good was done through that approach it also had some unintended consequences that are worth exploring. It is also worth exploring ways of reconnecting the generations in […]

Unfolding Life

By Dr. Ed Gray My wife and I recently spent a Friday date night at home watching the latest Downton Abbey movie.  She did not expect to cry. Thanks to Rhonda’s interest through the years, we watched all the seasons and the prior movie. Without that context, I would have no appreciation for all the […]

How To Disciple Children

Save the world, lose your kids. So many of us want to make a difference in the world but we struggle at home where it is most important. How do we help our children grow into strong, mature disciples of Jesus? First, we start with the best definition of Christian maturity that I am aware […]

July Theme – Marriage & Family

In the month of July we will have some special articles highlighting marriage and family. Several experts have been tapped to bring us articles that will enrich our marriage and parenting as well as point us to resources that can help us turn the corner to a better marriage! As always, we are delighted that […]

Let’s Go on a Prayer Walk

Prayer walking is one of the most eye-opening practices I have experienced as a Christian. I had never heard of this or considered it until a few years ago when we planted a church. All those years, I had driven past my neighbors and driven through the neighborhoods in order to “get to church.” All […]

Simple is Reproducible

If you want something to reproduce it has to be simple. Complex approaches aren’t as easily reproducible as simple approaches. If your approach to making disciples requires a PhD to pull it off then the number of capable and qualified people who can carry it forward is diminished. If you look at how your church […]

Church Movements Require the Work of the Holy Spirit

Some have said that “The Acts of the Apostles” should have been titled “The Acts of the Holy Spirit.” The Holy Spirit is mentioned over 50 times in 28 chapters! Here are a few places we see the Spirit working: Acts 1:2 – The Holy Spirit moved the selection of the apostlesActs 1:8 – Jesus […]

Churches Have a Choice to Make

Imagine every evening your family sat at the dinning room table for a business meeting. The parents pull out the finances and assess all the decisions that had been made that day to help the family be “successful.” Timmy is in trouble because he keeps leaving the light on in the bathroom. Jake mowed the […]

The Kill Switch in Sectarian Church of Christ DNA

Human beings have an incredibly amount of diversity in our appearance, tied to variations in our DNA. I am out of my depth here but I think I understand the gist of how it works. There are various mutations in genes that are completely harmless. Other mutations cause significant problems. Still other mutations in our […]

June Theme: Will We See Movements?

I hear story after story about what God is doing around the world and by around the world, a lot of it is in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. It is truly astounding the amount of growth that is happening in those places and we need to be incredibly grateful that it is taking […]

“Appreciation” Is Not in the Bible

Our theme this month is focused on a term that is not found in the Bible. Go to your Bible app and search various translations for appreciation – you are going to come up pretty short. Just because a specific word isn’t in the Bible doesn’t mean the concept isn’t there either. The Bible is […]

The Grace of Gratitude

We are in a real struggle to have gratitude today. The louder voice is the voice of the critic. Criticism is more expedient because it takes far less time and energy to point out problems than it does to actually make something better. The food at the restaurant isn’t just right – can we show […]

How Technology Helped Kill Appreciation

As the rate of technological advancement increases, our ability to appreciate what we have is more easily diminished. Let’s use phones as an example. They remained virtually unchanged for nearly 100 years until the cordless phone came out…then the bag/mobile phone. Those were the biggest innovations in generations and nothing came after them for quite […]

Choose Gratitude Over Chaos

Some people thrive on chaos. They stoke drama…they poke and pick at things until something blows up. Why do people do that? Power. The drama has a certain attraction to it. It puts you in control. And people like to be in control. When you can keep everyone else on their heals, you get the […]

30th Anniversary of Wineskins!

Wineskins started as a print publication May 1992 when Rubel Shelly, Mike Cope and Phillip Morrison launched out to create a magazine within the Restoration Movement that tackled hard questions with humility. I had the opportunity to interview Rubel and Mike to get some of the backstory of our origins. I hope this friendly conversation […]