Why Prayer Isn’t Voodoo

If you were an ancient Akkadian experiencing a toothache,you would go to the local healer. His diagnosis would be that there is a worm or maggot in your gum who is gnawing at the root of your tooth. Having made a concoction of beer, malt,and oil, he would place it on the aching tooth, and […]

Truth Deepens the Value of Grace

Truth deepens the value of grace. In Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4, Jesus shows that there isno part of our self–no matter how dark or unsavory–that his grace is insufficient to redeem.Their conversation follows an interesting trajectory. He asks for a drink. She’s surprised he’s even talking to […]

Fire Within

I think the prevalence of modern artificial light sources in our world sometimes impedes therichness of what it means to call Jesus “the Light of the world.” Even in 1925, only half of thehomes in the United States had electricity for light. For the vast majority of human history, if youwanted light in the darkness, […]