Building A Better Future

By Wes Crawford             For the better part of the 20th century, white and African American leaders within Churches of Christ perpetuated an illusion of racial unity through their public speech, sermons, journal articles, and lectureships. If one’s only windows into 20th century American society were lectureships and journals affiliated with Churches of Christ, she or he would […]

An Illusion of Unity

By Wes Crawford Historically speaking, how have Churches of Christ addressed the issue of race? In my article last week, I mentioned that at the time of the American Civil War, members of the Stone-Campbell Movement owned more slaves, per capita, than any other religious body in the United States. In the mid-twentieth century, colleges […]

Seein’ My Father In Me

By Wes Crawford Paul Overstreet, country music songwriter and singer who had a handful of hits in the mid-1990s, released a song in 1990 entitled “Seein’ My Father in Me.” The chorus of that song includes the lyrics:  I’m seein’ my father in meI guess that’s how it’s meant to beAnd I find I’m more […]

Finding Reconciliation in Front of a Park Bench

An elderly gentleman was walking in the park one afternoon. He grew tired from his daily journey and sat down on an old, green park bench. As he was sitting there he looked up and saw before himself a family. The two children in the family were creating quite a scene. The little girl was […]