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I Got Rhythm!

Photo by Paulo Evangelista on Unsplash

No one has ever accused me of having rhythm. I don’t sway in time with the beat very long before I am completely out of sync. I can’t clap along in a song without eventually becoming a distraction to others. 

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     Most Americans love their summer road trips, and I am one of them. I fondly remember the trips with Mom and Dad when they packed six noisy, squirming kids into the back of the old 1956 Ford Fairlane station wagon and headed out to another “Einstein” vacation (it’s all relative—with aunts, uncles, and cousins aplenty). Perhaps because I was…

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This is *not* me!

I really dislike dancing. I have no rhythm and I feel like everyone is looking at me. Why do I feel like people are looking? Refer to the first two points.

I assure you, if I ever danced around you, you would watch…more like a train wreck fascination…

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JUNE 2019 E-NEWS   One Thing Never Changes! In a time when things are changing rapidly, the one thing that brings order in the chaos is the thing that does not change. The challenge for church leaders is that we can often mistake what that one thing is! Instinctively, we all resist change. No one enjoys finding a new dentist, moving your…

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Chances are, your minster won’t tell you what I’m about to.  In no particular order, eventually, I want to share some insights with you into the inner world of being in ministry.  

Before I get started, let me say, I’ve been preaching for over 25 years and I love…

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My relationship with God has changed over the years. At first, he was someone I could only worship on Sundays and Wednesdays at a designated time and place. He always seemed just out of reach and unapproachable, unless I had the right words and I didn’t. He was inconsistent and appeared angry. I would guard my prayers, so afraid I would mess them…

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From Revival Ridge to Bible Deism Valley

The Odd History of the Holy Spirit among Churches of Christ

Part 3, Bible Deism Valley

By Leonard Allen

Bible Deism Valley

An important force in the…

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            We love in a culture of evaluation. From birth our height, weight, and developmental steps are monitored. In school we face standardized tests. One the job we have frequent evaluations. Constant self-improvement, from good to great to excellent, is our goal.

            As a recovering legalist, I find this cultural obsession with evaluation can even affect how I practice spiritual disciplines. Am I improving in prayer and meditation? Are my…

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It all started with back pain.  At first, it was annoying and I figured it was just part of getting older.  But, as the pain got worse and interfered with my ability to function, we realized that this wasn’t normal.  My wife, Rachel, and I did some research and were surprised to learn that with my kind of back pain, the real root of the problem was…

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Life is full of rhythms. The seasons, your heartbeat, having tummy trouble after a taco bell run and still going back the next time you crave it only to repeat the process again.

Some rhythms are unconscious and consistent. You don’t even think about breathing. You don’t tell your heart to…

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