Some Good News About What is Ahead in Churches of Christ

If you have followed this month’s articles on the future of Churches of Christ you may have sensed some negativity toward Churches of Christ and/or our future. I don’t really see what has been posted that way but I know some of you do. I am not much of a feeler. It is my belief […]

July 2019 e-news from the Siburt Institute

JULY 2019 E-NEWS   What’s baptism got to do with leadership? Being a part of a tradition that practices believer’s baptism means that what I am about to say may sound a little odd, but here goes. I do not think that most of us take baptism seriously enough. Really. Of course, we want our children […]

Leadership-Lessons from Blockbuster, Pt. 4: Removing their obstacles

Thanks for joining me for part 4 of a 6-part series I have titled, “Leadership-Lessons from Blockbuster! If you are just now joining me for this conversation, it might be helpful to go back and read parts 1-3 to catch up to speed. If you have been staying with me, here is a quick re-cap: […]

A Future in Mourning

What is next?  What’s in the future for Churches of Christ? Some would say that’s the million-dollar question.  I, myself, would like to know, too.  There are so many trends to observe.  There is a litany of directions we could go. The answer is, I’m sure, multi-faceted. I will not claim to have any answer, […]

Good News, Bad News About the Future of Churches of Christ

Which do you want first? The good news or the bad news? Most people I know want the bad first so we will start there. The bad news is church as you know it is dying. The good news is church as you know it is dying. The institutional church is on borrowed time. That […]

“Leadership-Lessons from Blockbuster, Pt. 3: The search is on!”

Welcome to article 3 of a 6-part series titled “Leadership-Lessons From Blockbuster.”  Our goal in this series is to learn valuable lessons so that we can, as a church, avoid the mistakes that others have made.  If you are joining this conversation for the first time, you might want to follow the links to find […]

The Failure of Religion

I take the position that the Christian community no longer lives in a favored position with its host culture. This evidence is in front of us; diminishing family life, mixed gender signals, erosion of common courtesies and on and on. To reach this culture Christians must be more like leaven than a church-centric, attractional-Sunday-center. Individually, […]

Three Bold Challenges for Churches of Christ

Dr. Stanley E. Granbergsgranberg@kairoschurchplanting.org360-609-6700 A disturbing prospect looms before us as the fact of our decline of Churches of Christ (CoC) has moved from unbelievable to undeniable. The question we must answer is no longer, “How are we doing;” our question is now, “What shall we do about it?” Last year I published an article […]

The Dark Side of Grace in Churches of Christ

Jack Whittaker’s huge Powerball jackpot cost him just about everything. The drawing was on Christmas Day 2002. The Powerball lottery had reached frenzied proportions for what would be the biggest, undivided payout in history. Occasional gamblers like Jack Whittaker only played when the jackpot was a couple hundred million or more. At his regular morning […]

Leadership Lessons from Blockbuster, Pt. 2: The dueling philosophies

If you are just joining me on this journey, I want to let you know that this is 6-part series which I have titled “Leadership-Lessons From Blockbuster.”  I know, it’s a weird title.  But I think you and I can see the value in learning lessons from others, especially lessons on how to avoid the […]

When the Women Pray

I’ll never forget the first time I heard a woman pray in a public setting. I stood in a large room at a kid’s event with my young family and, without warning, a woman who had been giving instructions for the day begin to pray for our meal. I barely heard a word she said. […]

The Future of the Restoration Movement

The Future of the Restoration Movement             Teddy Roosevelt once said, “I believe that the more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future.” When one considers the great movements of history that changed the world, there is a common thread in many of those paradigm shifts. That thread is […]

Synonymous Imposition

One of the great struggles of bible study is learning to listen to the text without imposing our own ideas upon the Scriptures. The true mark of a wise biblical student is being aware of your own assumptions and when our assumptions are interfering with our biblical exposition. At the risk of painting with too […]

The Third Miracle

By Milton Jones When Christian Relief Fund drilled a new well in Barwessa Kaptorot, the people living there called it “the second miracle.” This area of Kenya is one of the most desperate in the world when it comes to the need for water. It hasn’t rained there in years. You can imagine how much […]