Heaven Came Down

True Confession #1: I did not sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night or the night before or at any time I can really remember! That means I cannot claim to be an expert about anything. Except brokenness. I get brokenness. I get brokenness as the result of my own stupidity. I get brokenness […]

Living in Babylon: Reading Revelation in Prison

From time to time I post on my blog about my experiences leading a bible study in a local prison. One recurring theme in these posts is how different the bible sounds on the inside of a prison as compared to the outside. I once led a class in a study of the book Revelation […]

Visions of Restoration: The History of Churches of Christ by John Young: A Review

John Young, a doctoral candidate at the University of Alabama, has penned a small volume for use in a small group or Bible class setting titled Visions of Restoration: The History of the Churches of Christ (111 pgs). There are thirteen chapters, each followed by questions for discussion.  There is a useful appendix of suggested […]

Where are the Dead? Death is the First Resurrection! (Revelation 20)

Revelation 20 is uncertain and potentially dangerous ground upon which to walk. To comment on it assumes so much. It assumes a particular way of reading the whole apocalyptic drama. It assumes a particular structure to the book. Consequently, there are many ambiguities, varied understandings, and even some nasty polemical controversies associated with this text. […]

Fruits of a Complementarian Creation Account: A Church of Paul (Part 5)

Even in the middle of humanity’s faceplant, God attests to our solution: a future human that’s more than human. Someone that can take the bite of the serpent and survive to crush its head. Flipping to the NT to watch Jesus start rolling out the revolution is just what the heart needs after too much […]

Raptured Gnostics?

The first Christian heresy was an idea called Gnosticism.  It held that a human is a divine soul trapped in an evil, material world and body. In order to free yourself from the evil matter of the world, you had to acquire special knowledge that was available only to a chosen few.  If you were […]

Where are the Dead? Singing the Victory Song (Revelation 14)!

The church has heard some rather ominous words in the past two chapters (12 & 13). A powerful dragon is making war against God’s saints. The dragon has empowered two monsters—one from the sea and the other from the earth—to exercise the dragon’s authority upon the earth. They are given the power to conquer or […]

Where are the Dead? The Church Bears Witness Against the Empire

On the heels of John’s prophetic commission in Revelation 10:8-11, he is tasked with measuring the temple of God but not its outer court (Revelation 11:1-13). The prophetic message of Revelation 11 envisions a period of time when God’s people will faithfully witness before the nations. Indeed, the “two witnesses” will imitate the pattern of […]

The Lion, the Lamb, and the Throne Room

The apostle John is writing to a nervous church. A mad man sits on the throne in Rome, demanding to be acknowledged as Dominus et Deus — Lord and God. At least one church member, Antipas, has already been killed for standing up for his faith (Revelation 2:13). John himself has been arrested and exiled […]


Jesus said, “Go make disciples…” Are we missing something? I heard a preacher say once, “When reading the book of Acts, you will not read of one person who ate a bite, drank a drop, or slept a wink after hearing the gospel before he surrendered his life to Christ.” I suspect I have repeated […]

Give Me A Reason To Trust

Trista and I had been dating for a while, when I finally got the nerve to tell her how I felt about her. We were sitting in my car outside her apartment when I took a deep breath and said, I love you. I said it softly and quickly, that way I could back track […]

Where are the Dead? Before the Throne!

Humanity, in terms of its own resources, stands before death helpless and hopeless. It seems like our loved ones pass into nothingness as we are separated from their presence. But the death and resurrection of Jesus testify to a different reality that God will actualize in the new heaven and new earth–victory over the grave […]

September’s Textual Theme: Revelation

We run a textual theme here at Wineskins twice a year. The reason we do this is because we don’t want to get too out of focus with the scriptures. When you tackle topic after topic it is easy to get out of tune with the Word of God. The Bible is so important that […]