Pay Attention to the Guest List

In Luke 14 we find Jesus at the home of a prominent Pharisee. It was the Sabbath and one of the people in the house had an illness. Jesus healed the man in front of them all. After that Jesus taught on not taking the seat of honor because someone greater may come in and […]

He Sent a Baby

He sent a baby. Didn’t see that coming.Oh, we knew He would send something, or someone. And it was going to be awesome… And terrible. Truth be told, we deserved “terrible” more than “awesome.” For thousands of years we gave lip service And not much else. We worshiped ourselves, did our own thing. We hoped […]

Jesus Loves You, This I Know

What’s your favorite worship song? Lately, mine has been ‘Jesus Loves Me’. I sing it on Sundays and Wednesdays with kids who know it well and during the week with kids who are learning the words. Anna Bartlett Warner wrote the poem that was put to music sometime around 1862 and it quickly became a […]

A New Visitor at Christmas Dinner – His Name is Grief

As a kid, Christmas was one of the most encouraging times of the year. I knew my family loved me. I knew God loved me. Presents didn’t hurt either. As I have grown older Christmas is still very special to me but things have changed. The desire for the presents has diminished. And a new […]

4 Resources for Preachers on a Skinny Budget

As a theological librarian I get to work with the best resources from the leading publishers. Theological libraries are great, but most preachers don’t live near one. I’m also a preacher, so I’m always on the hunt for illustrations and fresh ideas. Sure, there are new books published every day. But since your compensation package […]

The Accusations Against Jesus

You can learn a lot about Jesus based on the accusations people made against him. They accused him of being in league wit the devil for casting out a demon on the Sabbath and forgiving a man his sins (Mark 2). They accused him of being a sinner for hanging around tax collectors and sinners […]

You Follow Me

It is a mistake to compare ourselves to others. Yet we still do it, even in our walk with Jesus. Of course, there are people with exceptional gifts, or highly visible roles, or a clear calling for a specific ministry. It is easy to be envious—and even fool ourselves into thinking that it’s a holy […]

You Belong: A Month of Encouragement

This world can be a messed up place. There is plenty of hurt to go around. I cannot begin to tell you how many times there have been people I knew well who were hurting in some deep and troubling ways that took years to be aware of or even begin to understand. Sometimes the […]