Cultivating Zoom Community

Like many churches in Covid, the church I’m part of has been meeting online since March of last year. Because we’re a small community, we opted to use Zoom (video conferencing application) for our worship gatherings, rather than a live-streaming platform like Youtube or Facebook, in hopes that we could maintain some of the connection […]

Seven Things We Learned About Church In Pandemic

Flexibility – not everything is going to happen on schedule. Get used to making adjustments. This is going to get us limbered up for the future when we are going to have to get more innovative in areas that we could have never done had the pandemic not taken place. Consider this a warmup! Technology […]

Virtual Church for Actual People

It wasn’t planned. At least, I didn’t plan it. In the 10th month of the Year of Covid, I was suddenly jobless and at a loss as to what God had in store for us next. Job offers came in, but none lit us up. A good friend called me and said, “Don’t just do […]

Poetry Column – January 2021

I’m grateful for the invitation to write a poetry column for Wineskins, and to share my passion for non-sappy Christian verse (and the connection with Bible passages.) The most oft-printed poem I’ve ever written appears in the Howard Publishing company hymnbook, Songs of Faith and Praise. I offer it here as a (perhaps familiar) introduction […]

Online Church and Learning to be Flexible

We had a first on Sunday…our worship leaders were leading worship from their living room as both of them were recovering from COVID! The picture that goes with this article was my view on Sunday while the worship leaders sang from their home. We listened and sang along with their familiar voices even though we […]

The Church Has Always Been a Virtual Body

Deanna Thompson describes herself as a “digital skeptic,” but that changed while undergoing the isolation imposed by a serious cancer diagnosis. During that difficult time, friends and family members connected with her through virtual tools, and that care and assistance caused her to rethink the power of digital relationships.  She highlights an insight by Jason […]

January Theme: Online Church

When the pandemic hit in March many churches moved to an online format. Some already had this in place. Others had to make needed shifts to get the technology in place to livestream or pre-record service. The results has been an endless supply of online material as well as efforts to keep various congregations moving […]