Who Must Build the Bridge? The Older or the Younger?

There is a huge gap in many churches between the youth group and the rest of the church. Some have said most churches have two or three churches meeting under their roof on Sunday, as different demographics and age groups often spend their time and have ministry focused exclusive to their needs. One of the […]

The Passing of Jay Guin

On June 15, we lost a spiritual giant, our brother Jay Guin. Many of you have benefited from Jay’s writing over the years. Jay helped many people navigate the difficult road from legalism to a healthier acknowledgement of grace and the Holy Spirit. Jay’s blog was most likely the most read blog within Churches of […]

Age Segregation and Integration – Both/And

One of the most popular ministry strategies of the last 60 years has been to segregate people in the congregation by age. There are a number of principles and advantages embedded in that approach that must be recognized and this post is in no way criticizing that way of doing things. First, that approach recognizes […]

The Reason Why We Tried to Bring People To Jesus Through Paul…

Was because decades ago and beyond Western culture was “churched.” People were familiar with Jesus and world religions were just that – out in the rest of the world. Our Western religious homogeneity had us taking faith three steps ahead because we agreed on Jesus with those we were trying to convert. What we disagreed […]

Prayers for Jay Guin and Family

Jay’s family updated on Facebook today that Jay’s recent health problems have had a serious setback. He has gone into hospice care and is not expected to make it. Please keep Jay and his family in your prayers. Jay has been such a resource and encouragement to so many of us. I praise God for […]

June: Intergenerational Connection

One of the most popular ministry trends of the last fifty years has been ministries segregated by age. In many ways I am a fan of giving people their “spot” where they fit in and feel at home among their peers. At the same time this can become such an exclusive approach to ministry that […]

ACU Press at ACU Summit 2017

Note from Matt: There have been some truly ambitious and much needed books written over the last year. We hope this post familiarizes you with some of the best content out there and highlights ACU Press’ & Summit’s role in providing quality content. Thanks to Alyssa Johnson for catching us up on what is out […]