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I have some great news to share with you! Heather Heflin Hodges is now on board with Wineskins as our newest Featured Author! Heather brings so many talents to the table and I cannot wait for you to benefit from all that she is going to share here at and at her new site –

Feel free to…

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Every year as I read through the Story of God, I come to the heart of the matter in the Gospels, Jesus. Jesus amazes me more every time I look at him. Fresh from the reading of the Hebrew Bible, there is much in the Gospels quite familiar. The infancy narratives remind us immediately of Sarah, Hannah, and even Judith.  The people constantly mumbling, testing and even rejecting Moses…

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By and large our fellowship, Churches of Christ, are a brainy bunch. We are typically highly analytical and linear in our thinking and approaches to just about anything you can think of. One approach to conceptualizing this kind of thinking that became popular a number of years ago was to call these kinds of thinkers “Left-brained” and the more creative, holistic types “Right-brained.” While the brain doesn’t really divide…

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