The Gospel in a Word is “Love”

Love. For the past six months we have been drinking deeply from the Epistles of 1-2 John in the rarefied air of the Rocky Mountains. The apostle wastes not an iota on trivia. The teaching that John stresses, in the starkest terms possible, is often barely acknowledged in Christian circles. The eternality of the Incarnation […]

Ratatouille, Critics and Risking Something

I found this statement at the end of the animated film Ratatouille profound. These are the words of the food critic Anton Ego in his review of the restaurant in the movie. “In many ways the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up […]

The Birth of Jesus Starts on the Margins

If you really want to understand the birth of Jesus you have to look back to the Old Testament. One reason I can say that with confidence is that all four Gospels start by pointing backward. Matthew starts with a genealogy going back to David and Abraham. The NIV uses the word “genealogy” to translate […]

The Margins Are Within You

It is easy to think the “margins” are over there somewhere but the truth of the matter is this…not only are the margins closer than you think, the margins are actually within you. What kind of margins am I talking about? When we use phrases like the “margins of society” we are usually talking about […]

Interview with Shane Claiborne: Embracing the Margins

A big thank you to Shane Claiborne for taking a few moments to talk about everything from the new monastic movement to how we see and treat those who are different than ourselves. I am convinced these are words we need to hear more and more in a world that is pushing people to the […]

A Prayer for ISIS

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we tremble before this cup, give us the strength to drink it, this: our prayer for our enemies. And we confess that we are but dust, we do not have the strength to carry this burden. So fill us with your Holy Spirit. May your Spirit intercede for us in […]

Paris, Justice, and Refugees

Three prayer requests. 1. Pray for comfort and peace in Paris, but also in Beirut which was bombed the day before, families on the Russian airliner, and for Syria and Iraq where people suffer on a daily basis from the violence of ISIS. I wonder why we painted our Facebook pages with French colors but […]

Cross Border Communities – Love and Life Beyond the Margins

How do established ministries and churches practice love and life beyond its traditional margins? It’s a great question with a multitude of possibilities. From my point of view there is no better way than to give as much time to the culture you find yourself planted in as you give to the people you live […]

Life and Love on the Margins

My wife Missy is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. She has taught me a lot over the last eleven years about how to view people with the love and value of Christ. One of the most valuable ways she has taught me that is when we have shared meals with […]