The Gospel in a Word is “Love”

Love. For the past six months we have been drinking deeply from the Epistles of 1-2 John in the rarefied air of the Rocky Mountains. The apostle wastes not an iota on trivia. The teaching that John stresses, in the starkest terms possible, is often barely acknowledged in Christian circles. The eternality of the Incarnation […]

Guest Writer- Kaitlin Hardy Shetler

I was asked to write about love. It makes sense. If there were any month to discuss the concept of love, it would be February. And if there were any year to discuss the concept of love, it would be 2017. But this request hit me like a ton of bricks, and in a typical […]

ACU’s 2017 Ministers’ Salary Survey

Every year, Abilene Christian University’s Siburt Institute for Church Ministry provides an ongoing service by collecting compensation data from ministers in Churches of Christ and publishing the results electronically. The late Dr. Charles Siburt initiated the Ministers’ Salary Survey in 2004 as one of his many efforts to build congregations and their leaders. We value […]

Red and Yellow, Black and White

When I was a baby, my Mom sang this song to me, which I now sing to my son…. “Jesus loves the little children All the children of the world Red and yellow, black and white They are precious in His sight Jesus loves the little children of the world.” I had a gorgeous dream […]

I Will Go See “The Shack: The Movie”

While some have perhaps read The Shack as an actual account, the title page identifies the piece as a “novel.” This is a fictional story. But…it is nevertheless true. The movie, too, is fictional…but true. Read The Shack, watch the movie, and walk with me into the world of spiritual recovery, a journey into my […]

When “Don’t judge me” seems like a cliché

In the really gripping stories, the bad guys have some secret weapon that seems to be overwhelmingly superior in strength to anything the good guys can muster, and with a bit of cunning, the enemy will surely thwart the good guys with their diabolical weapon.  In these enthralling stories, the bad guys always have some […]

Benedict Judas–An Excerpt

After the double murder that shattered my life and the life of my family, I slowly began to heal. I had a lot of help when I chose to see it. God. Family. Friends. A new wife who is my partner in every way imaginable… I don’t remember it, but Becki tells me years ago […]

The Unconditional Love Challenge

There are a couple of churchy axioms that I struggled to practice with consistency. It’s said that Christians are to “hate the sin and love the sinner.” I have to admit that I’ve never found the power to do that with any consistency. I would image if one did they could turn raw hate into […]

Eyes to See – Developing Your Spiritual Eyesight

If there was ever a chapter in the Bible about seeing things clearly it is Mark 8. The chapter starts with feeding the 4000 which is followed up by a misunderstanding by Jesus’ disciples about his statement warning them against “the yeast of the Pharisees.” In that section, Jesus warns them about having eyes that […]

Love Unconditional

It really is that easy or at least that simple. No one ever said loving every person in the world was going to be easy. We have been over “who is my neighbor” more times than one might care to count. We have been over the greatest commandments: loving God and loving neighbor (who happens, […]