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There are so many churches that are barely making it. They may be weeks, months or just a few years away from closing their doors. What, if anything, can be done to bring them back around?

First, some churches are going to shut down but keep in mind…that doesn’t mean the kingdom comes to a halt. Those people and resources can be poured into…

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If church is all about Sunday then for many of us church is effectively over for the time being. If church is about putting on a good show on Sunday then church is done for the foreseeable future.

You and I both know that isn’t what church is really about and that the church…

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We are already living in anxious times.

COVID-19 has taken things to an entirely different level.

A friend of mine was shopping at her wholesale club store this week when she witnessed a customer “steal” a pack of bottled water out of the cart of a shopper who had turned to…

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Pandemic reveals who you are and what you’re made of. It scours away the pretenses under which you operate. It unearths the true character of your church.

The covid-19 coronavirus outbreak is already an unprecedented disruption. While some are hoping for a quick return to normal, realistic models show nothing less than eight weeks of drastic cutbacks. Major events in June are already…

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Many churches are waiting on finally making the right hire to finally find revival. It isn’t realistic. No one from the outside can do what you can’t do from the inside.

It is Deus ex machines – a last minute rescue from an unlikely source.

Your Savior already came and He wasn’t your next preacher.

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In my work with ACU’s Siburt Institute for Church Ministry, I have the honor of consulting with congregations all over the country. Church decline and church renewal remain vital and popular themes throughout countless conversations with churches of varying contexts, sizes, and flavors. So I constantly watch for resources to aid churches in this…

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In our conversation on church restoration it is important that we examine our foundation. How many home renovation shows have you watched where the drama of the episode focused on a major and unforeseen problem with the foundation. Everything looked good on the outside but underneath it all, there were cracks.

We have to examine our foundation and my concern is that over time…

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Church renewal is always Christian renewal.

            That should be rather obvious but I’m not sure if it is. Having served in ministry as a pastor for the last fifteen years, I’ve heard and engaged in many conversations about church renewal. Numerous books, articles, blogs and podcasts have been published, with many of them addressing the issue of church renewal as it relates to the…

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One of the strongest hope-offers from God toward us is that of renewal. The trend which He anticipates for us is to be new day by day. Don’t you love the very thought? Such isn’t merely rote habitualizational church chatter. Rather, it is that profound hopeful element that drives us as a church upward and outward.

Is there hope for…

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Many of us feel a longing in our bones for something fresh. Something alive. A movement.

We can (and must) start new churches.

But what is God doing with existing churches? Not all of them are struggling. Some are growing. Growing churches are not the majority. Studies have been done that out growing churches around a quarter to a…

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