The Opportunity for Racial Reconciliation in the Local Church

An Interview with Leaders of the Manhattan Church of Christ The Manhattan Church of Christ has been a racially integrated congregation for a long time. The church is made of people who want to be a part of a diverse congregation — racially as well as culturally, economically, politically, and in many other ways. As […]

The Pope and Challenging Both Sides of the Spectrum

The pope’s speech, inasmuch as he addresses the big issues, should reflect Christianity. Christianity does not allow for ideological complacency. If I, as a red blooded American right winger, want to be a true Christian, it is going to create friction with my nationalism, capitalism, and my ethnocentrism. If I am left wing, generally speaking, […]

Engaging in Cruciform Scandal, the Gospel and the Need for Racial Reconciliation

By the time the first century rolled around race was quite the hot button issue in Judaism. The Jewish people were living under Roman (read foreign/Gentile) oppression and occupation. Before that it was the Seleucids and before that the Ptolemies of Egypt. Under Seleucid rule they faced tremendous persecution for their faith by the notorious […]

Seeing Color and Intentional Outreach

I don’t see color! I heard this from a Jesus loving member of our church a few weeks ago and I responded “wow that must make your sunsets very boring.” “I don’t see color” is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. I know that he meant that “he loves everyone the same.” […]

Running Away From the Mission Field

The Reality: The reality in metropolitan areas such as Houston and Dallas – Fort Worth is that there are English-speaking churches dying for lack of change. As funeral services to members continue, the list of church funerals also grows. Texas and other states like California and Florida have many cities where Latinos are a majority.  […]

The Stories We Tell

The continuing plea from the epistles is to allow the Gospel story to override all other stories. But we haven’t let that happen! The American church has a problem. We have a narrative problem. Each one of us is born and raised into a larger story, a narrative. Just as the infant Moses was drawn […]

Finding Reconciliation in Front of a Park Bench

An elderly gentleman was walking in the park one afternoon. He grew tired from his daily journey and sat down on an old, green park bench. As he was sitting there he looked up and saw before himself a family. The two children in the family were creating quite a scene. The little girl was […]

Why You Should Come to Streaming, Oct 8-10

Jerry Taylor will be preaching from Ezekiel 37, the valley of dry bones, and if that doesn’t give you goose bumps of anticipation, then you don’t know either Jerry Taylor or Ezekiel 37 well enough. AND, we will have an African-American church choir lead in that period of worship. Can’t wait. And while we’re talking […]

Racial Microaggression

When I retired my world shrunk tremendously. No longer do I see the hundreds of daily interactions between people and groups of people. Now I dine with my wife daily and eat and talk with three male friends twice a week. My first thought is maybe I’m not the one to comment on racism. Yet, […]

Race and Christianity

It seems like race has always been an issue when it comes to faith. I don’t mean to start off on a bleak note because I think there is a lot of hope and I think it has been the voice of Christians at various times in history (including the present one) that have been […]