Sniffing Out God’s Work in the World…

If you have followed Mike Cope’s blog for any length of time you may have noticed the subheading of his site “Sniffing Out God’s Work in the World…” I love that line and I love the fact that Mike ends that with ellipses. Those three little periods indicate that there is something more. When it […]

Wineskins Marketplace

We just started a new forum on site called the Wineskins Marketplace. The goal is to create a space for the buying, selling and trading of books and materials related to faith, NT & OT studies, ministry, and related fields. I have posted a few things just to get the ball rolling but the goal […]

A Passion for the Language of God

In the beginning God. We associate those first four verses in the Bible with the act of creation. And for good reason, that’s the story that most naturally and linguistically flows from or follows after. In the beginning God. To see this phrase as only the precursor to the creation account is to be just […]

Passion: All of us want it, all of us have it.

I’m wondering. When was the last time you asked yourself “What am I passionate about and how do I lean into what I’m naturally passionate about”? If you’re like me, you ask yourself that every single day.  Now, I’m not saying you are all like me, but I’m sure that doing what you’re passionate about […]

The Christian, Robin and Suicide

With the recent suicide of Robin Williams the issue of suicide once again entered the public consciousness. Along with it came all the usual conversations, many of them helpful, a few of them unhelpful. Sadly, some Christians fired off blogs or tweets that were not only inaccurate (showing a complete lack of knowledge of mental […]

What Is Your Church Passionate About?

What is it that gets people stirred up with the body of believers you worship with? The answer to that question will reveal a lot about the core values of the congregation. Do people get more riled up over someone being in “error” than they do with their own sin and mistakes? Do people get […]

Passionate about People

This August issue of Wineskins is centered on the theme of passion: “what Christians can and should be truly passionate about” or what it looks like to “have a passion for God” (from Matt Dabbs’ editorial introduction). This passion is based on the fact that we all have been impacted by the same gospel; we […]

Restoring Our Passion…Reviving Our Spirit

It is entirely possible to know the truth but have no joy. It is also possible to be an expert in doctrine but have no passion. We see truth without the Spirit and truth without grace. Some have become experts in engaging the head without much effort toward engaging the heart. The problem runs deeper […]