Mary and Her Song of Israel

Did your mom, perhaps your dad, sing to you as a child? You know, the songs while being rocked to sleep at night or while you were going down the road in the LTD station wagon? They are songs that never cease playing in our hearts and our minds. Luke tells us that Mary sang […]

Recognizing Peace

The gospels, at their best, haunt me. What I mean, is that they have this way sometimes of lingering after I’ve read them. They echo around in the back of my head. They seem to point to something just outside of my field of vision, as though I could see it clearly if I just […]

Stuck: Losing our Imagination and Sense of Adventure

Do you remember being a kid and using your imagination? Maybe you were climbing a tree but you were pretending you were climbing up a dinosaur’s leg or when your mind’s eye turned that back patio into a pirate ship. In those moments, failure wasn’t seen as the end of the game. Failure was just […]

Do What It Says

Book, chapter, and verse was a phrase that I often heard our ministers and Bible class teachers say from the pulpit and in our Bible classes. We needed to have a verse for everything, because, we would often say if God commands it then that settles it. The men and women who helped form the […]

Psalms, Worship and the Missional Identity of God’s People

Paul said the ‘Old Testament’ is “from God and good for doctrinal instruction” and for “equipping the person of God” to every good work. It is not an accident that Martin Luther referred to the Psalms as a miniature Bible. The Psalms represent the “essentials,” if you will, of what had to be constantly put […]

14 Small Group Lesson Series on the Gospels

If you are looking for free Small group and Bible class curriculum on the Gospels, look no further, The Gospel By Matt Dabbs The Parables of Jesus By Matt Dabbs The Parables and the Kingdom of God by Matt Dabbs Ministry of Jesus by Matt Dabbs Jesus 101 – Evangelistic Study of Mark by Matt […]

Gospel of Mark, Inductive Bible Study and Evangelism

I love the Gospel of Mark. Not only is the Gospel action packed but it is the Gospel that does its best to keep you from fully understanding Jesus until the time is just right. We call this the Messianic secret, which are those odd moments were Jesus tells both people and demons to be […]

Conflict, Gossip and The Power of the Small Circle

Jesus said something in Matthew 18 that is normally reserved for conversations about conflict resolution or, more specifically, dealing with sin. I contend that what Jesus said is not just a prescription for conflict resolution and reconciliation but is also the antidote for one sin in particular – gossip. Here is what Jesus said, This […]

Tri-vocational Jesus: Carpenter, Rabbi and Gardener

In Jesus’ day, a son grew up learning the trade of his father. Joseph was a carpenter and you can be sure that Jesus learned those skills as he grew up and possibly even into adulthood. Jesus started his public ministry around the age of 30. In those days Rabbis usually had a second vocation […]

If Thine Eye Be Single…my Life and the Gospels

I have often wrestled God down by the river…and everywhere else. There was a time in my life where I wasn’t sure He was there. Truth be told, I hoped He wasn’t anywhere at all. A great deal of my inner conflicts would be resolved or put at rest if I could be certain there […]

What are the gospels for?

What are the gospels for? Have you wondered that? In some churches, they’re mainly for Sunday school. The gospels are full of great stories for the kids to do crafts with. The little ones can cut out tiny loaves and fishes, lower paralyzed pipe-cleaner figures through cardboard roofs, sing songs about the twelve apostles. The […]

ACU Summit 2016

Come hear the word of the Lord when students, church leaders and all interested from around the world, meet on the ACU campus to engage in thoughtful and timely conversations about faith and life at ACU Summit 2016. This year’s theme: Love God, Love Your Neighbor: Living the Greatest Commandments is as relevant as when […]

Textual Theme: The Gospels

Like last month we continue into May with a textual theme. This time we will focus on the Gospels. There are so many nuances in the Gospels…rocks to turn over, things to uncover, etc. How many times have you read a familiar passage in the Gospels only to gain an insight that had been sitting […]