Old Testament (Pentateuch)

Book Recommendations: Genesis

Bible Classes and Small Group Lessons on Genesis:

Genesis 1 – The Center of Genesis One By Josh Graves
Genesis 1 – Reflections on Genesis 1: Background By Matt Dabbs
Genesis 1 – Reflections on Genesis 1: God Our Creator By Matt Dabbs
Genesis 1:26 – Neither Beasts Nor Angels By Josh Graves
Genesis 1:30 – Do Animals Have a Soul? By Matt Dabbs
Genesis 1-2 – The Lost Chapters of the Bible By Dan Bouchelle
Genesis 2 – Reflections on Genesis 2 By Matt Dabbs
Genesis 2:1 –What Did God Say? Gen 2.1b & Man’s “Helper” By Bobby Valentine
Genesis 2:2 – God’s Rest by John Mark Hicks
Genesis 3 – Something is Wrong Here: A Meditation on Genesis 3 By Bobby Valentine
Genesis 3:20 – Eve: Mothers of All Living By Matt Dabbs
Genesis 4:10 – The Blood, The Ground and Justice By Matt Dabbs
Genesis 6 – Connecting The Creation and Formation of Earth and Humanity With The Destruction of the Flood By Matt Dabbs
Genesis 6 – The Flood Story — What Might We Learn? By John Mark Hicks
Genesis 6 – Noah, Where’s Your Ark? By Mike Jeffress
Genesis 6:5 – The Flood: Forming and Deforming, Creating and Un-creating By Matt Dabbs
Genesis 9:1-3 – Vegetarians Before the Flood? By Matt Dabbs
Genesis 11:1-9 – The Tower of Babel – What’s the Problem? By John Mark Hicks
Genesis 12:2-7 – The Land as Our Inheritance By John Mark Hicks
Genesis 15:1-6 – God Walked Through the Pieces By Matt Dabbs
Genesis 15:1-18 – Hungering for the Future (Lenten Reflections on Genesis 15) By John Mark Hicks
Genesis 15:1-18 – An Amplified Narration: Genesis 15 By John Mark Hicks
Genesis 29:11 – Jacob Wept By Matt Dabbs
Genesis 32:9-12 – Jacob Meets Esau: Prayer and Planning By Matt Dabbs
Genesis 32:28 – Wrestling With God By Kelsi Williamson
Genesis 38 – Judah and Tamar: Why is that Story in the Bible? By Matt Dabbs
Genesis 38 – The Mess By Josh Graves
Genesis 41:15-16 – I Cannot Do It…but God Can By Matt Dabbs
Genesis 50:15-21 – Sermon (Genesis 50:15-21) By Naomi Walters

Book Recommendations: Exodus
Exodus 14:29-15:2 – Sermon (Exodus 14:29-15:2) By Naomi Walters
Exodus 15 – The Intersection of Worship and Real Life By Matt Dabbs
Exodus 17:14-16 – Exodus 17:14-16 A Very Ironic Passage By Matt Dabbs
Exodus 18:1-27 – Don’t Fear Jethro By Dan Bouchelle
Exodus 20:2 – Sabbath and Trust By Matt Dabbs
Exodus 25:22 – Tabernacle: A Theological Metaphor for the Family By Ryan Noel Fraser
Exodus 34:5-9 – Preach the “Old Testament” #2 – The Gracious and Compassionate God By Bobby Valentine
Exodus 40:34-38 – The First Advent By John Mark Hicks

Book recommendations: Leviticus
You may never read Leviticus the Same by Matt Dabbs
Bogged Down in Leviticus By Scott Brunner
Leviticus 10 – Making Room for Grief (Ripped) On Leviticus 10 By Sean Palmer
Leviticus 16:11-12 – Animal Sacrifices: Why and Why Not By Edward Fudge
Leviticus 19 – Dancing With Both Legs By Josh Graves
Leviticus 19 – Dancing With Both Legs – Part 2 By Josh Graves
Leviticus 19:32 – Part 2 – The Layers By Josh Graves

Book recommendations: Numbers
Numbers 6:22-27 – The Lost Art of Blessings 2 By Matt Dabbs
Numbers 6:22-27 –The Blessing: Numbers 6.22-27 By Bobby Valentine
Numbers 11:24 – A Dream Worth Keeping Alive By Max Lucado
Numbers 13 – Numbers 13 & Joshua 2 – Lessons in Partnering With God By Matt Dabbs

Book recommendations: Deuteronomy
Deuteronomy 1:5 – Does the Bible Condemn Bad Handwriting? By Matt Dabbs
Deuteronomy 6:10-12 – The Focus of Renewal: The God Who Acts By Randy Harris
Deuteronomy 8 – American Parallels with Deuteronomy 8 By Matt Dabbs
Deuteronomy 16 – Jewish Festivals, the Seasons and Telling Our Story By Matt Dabbs
Deuteronomy 22 – The Heart of God By Josh Graves
Deuteronomy 30:19 – Choose You This Day By Keith Brenton

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