Thank you for visiting our forums. Our hope and prayer is that this is a safe place to work out ideas in ministry, missions, leadership, and much more. While anyone can read the forums, you must be a registered user to post in the forums. You can register at this link. We have nearly 5000 registered users on the site and growing! We are starting with a small number of forums and hope to expand into more areas as this side of the Wineskins community grows.

We need more safe places in our faith to ask questions and engage in dialog and we hope you find your experience and conversation here to be just that. We hope that you are encouraged by your conversations here as we seek to engage one another in healthy Christian dialog with Christ-like attitudes. So let’s explore ideas together, share what is working and how God is working and truly bless each other through these conversations!  May God richly bless your time here.


General discussion forum
– buy, sell and trade books with other Wineskins readers.
Church Leadership – Discuss issues salient to church leadership, eldership, shepherding, vision, and direction
Biblical text study – A place to ask questions and give answers regarding difficult or interesting passages of scripture. Let us know what you are studying!
Theology – A place to connect through discussing theological studies
Preaching – Discuss preaching with other preachers: topics, series, style, and resources
Book and Product Reviews – A place to talk about the latest book you are reading and get recommendations from others.
Children’s Ministry – A place to discuss the latest approaches in children’s ministry. Share your stories and experiences, ask your questions and share new ideas!