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      Jim Miller

      March 19— 1 Samuel 6-10: Israel WANTED a king…. here were the apparent qualifications…”Saul, as handsome a young man as could be found anywhere in Israel, and he was a head taller than anyone else.”
      The Israelites wanted a king! They did not trust Samuel to lead as he followed GOD! Other countries had a king. They wanted one too! So, GOD gave them one! Saul! A man who couldn’t find his father’s donkeys and needed his servant to spur him on. He wasn’t known for intelligence. He wasn’t known for bravery. He wasn’t known for diligence, perseverance or dedication. He wasn’t known for his faith! He was known for… being handsome and tall.

      We laugh at the thought of choosing a leader by how he looks. It could never happen in the United States! Right? Have you heard of President Harding? Described as mediocre and dim witted. His wife put him on an allowance and bought him a train pass to campaign. He had a reputation for extortion, bribery and infidelity. He didn’t have a plan for the country. Yet, he was elected. Look at him. He “looked like a Roman emperor. Tall and dark. Tan and fit. America chose a man who looked good.

      What about you? Ladies, Are you looking for a hunk? I remember one dear sister who said she wouldn’t settle for less than Brad Pitt. Good looking man but as a Christian, could you tolerate him? Men, do you need a girl to be as “hot” as a swimsuit model? Really? How about faithful, loyal and true?
      I ask people what attracts them to another. One guy got married because he met a woman who could… cook. True. One older sister who was recently widowed married quickly. Couldn’t drive… Some marry for financial security, fun, companionship and infatuation. Others for comfort and convenience. Many marry to have physical intimacy (like the Bible says). LOL.
      What do I suggest? Find someone who loves Jesus with all their heart. Who will take your children to Sunday School. Then, if he/she is cute, great! If they can cook or drive, great. Jesus first! It works….

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