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      Jim Miller

      Many people in churches believe that “Singles Ministry” is about putting a group of college kids in a van and going to a retreat. Many also believe that the goal of “Singles Ministry” is to help single people date and get married. Both are admirable efforts but a minute part of ministering to singles. Let me tell you a story.
      “Susie” was married for over 20 years and has wonderful adult children (and grand children). One day her husband came home drunk and beat her up and she had to go to the hospital for treatment. She went home to him and begged him to get treatment, counseling and anything else so this wouldn’t happen again. He refused and told her he would kill her if she ever left him. Emotionally depleted and fearing for her health she did pack a suitcase and left. She has been basically “homeless” since. She sleeps on the couch of each of her children’s homes and stays with friends. Her faith is all she has left and it has gotten her through the divorce and keeps her going daily. Her job skills qualify her to make low wages and no insurance. With the help of friends she purchase a 15 foot travel trailer for $500 and is fixing it up to be her home. She allows church friends to help “a little”.
      “Sandee” is a 22 year old single mother of a 10 month old. She is pretty and kind, intelligent and responsible. She is friendly with the married moms and active at church. She has great faith. So why is she a single mom? “Sandee” also loved being married and pregnant but one year ago her husband was killed in a car accident coming home from work. Widowed at 22! No peers in the community.
      When Paul (the Apostle) addressed “Single People” in 1 Corinthians 7 he knew about the widowed, the divorced (put away) and those who had never married. He pointed them to Jesus first. He conceded that most needed to be married. Until or if that time comes, the church has a responsibility to encourage and support the “Single”.

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