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      Jim Miller

      I feel like an old fool beating a dead horse. I really do. Believe it or not we have LESS singles ministries in the brotherhood now than ten years ago. But more people are SINGLE!! 52% of the population is unmarried. Most of the new mothers I know are unmarried and a lot of the dad’s have split. Divorce is higher in churches than among atheists. Social ills have increased and our children are endangered every day. Many do not feel church is a relevant place to be and many churches are proving them right!
      If you want your church to grow…reach out to single mothers, couples who are struggling to make a commitment to stay together, the lonely who are recently widowed, divorced or just not able to connect. Be a home for the heart! Jesus didn’t pass by the woman at the well, the lonely and penitent Zaccheas or the grieving….. and we can’t either!!

      Meet your singles:
      Jennifer- a Christian Single from the D.C. area and works for the US Government
      “The love we don’t pour out on a spouse made out of dust is made available to our Eternal Spouse. If we are destined to marry, we will discover how precious that “extra” love for God was.”
      Matt- a Christian single from Montgomery, AL and the hardest working man in Alabama!
      “Singles are the least served group in the churches of Christ! ”
      Hope- is a college (age) business owner in Florida
      “Churches don’t have a place for the young working person. I started my business at age 19 and own my own house. The “college and young professional” group didn’t accept that I don’t plan to go to college. I make a living doing what I love and am ready for a family. ”
      Jerry- a younger widower from the Atlanta area
      “Widowers are also forgotten. I was fifty when my wife died just over four years ago, and I have long ago lost count of the number of times that I have left the Sunday morning assembly without an invitation to join someone for lunch. Singles are not likely to ask a married couple if they will have lunch, for fear of infringing on their time together as husband and wife. There have been entire months when I have eaten every meal alone, and the loneliness does not help to heal the grief. For me, not having any close family within 500 miles makes it even more difficult. There are no parents left, and I never had siblings, so the only close family for me is my daughter and grandson, and they are too far away.”
      Beth- a young widow from Florida

      “My husband died at work three years ago. I have 2 children. I’m 32 years old and have no peers. I don’t fit with the widows (though they are sweet and I go to the luncheon) and the college age doesn’t understand what I deal with everyday. I visited a local “denominational” singles group and appreciate the friends I have met but one of my elders insinuated that I was “falling away” and shouldn’t “fellowship” those people! The people at my congregation are limited in number and married. Help!”
      Tommy- never married from Mississippi
      “I am alone. Most churches don’t budget or plan for people like me and most of my friends don’t attend church…I may never marry and I am left out of many church activities”
      Susan- never married from Florida
      “I never found the right guy (or the wrong one). Saved myself for marriage and now I am alone in my 50’s. I have learned to sit alone both in restaurants and at church but would prefer “company”. Why doesn’t the church budget or plan for me?
      Bob- divorced Clovis, NM
      “My parents were married until death. My grandparents were married 52 years…until death. My aunts and uncles, the preacher and his wife, the governor and his wife and everyone we knew was married until they died. Then my generation came along. MANY (many…many…many) divorces have occurred. Times have changed. Laws changed. Opportunities changed. And I sit alone at church.”
      When will we pursue the Singles in our population as potential church members?

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