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      I’m intrigued by this series on Jonathan Storment’s about civility & how we treat one another (especially on-line). This is the 2nd entry:


      It sure does seem that the internet encourages a sort of tribalism. Here I am creating this thread on a web hub for Churches of Christ. There are whole companies that cater to the tribalism of sports (SBNation.com, Rivals.com, et. al.). This tribalism is especially prevalent in college sports fans, who identify by names, colors, banners, et. al. There is even regional tribalism (“SEC is the best,” “SEC is over-rated,” etc.).

      Causes me to think & wonder how one breaks out of the tendency to gravitate to web spaces that cater only to making one feel comfortable. Any reflections?

      Anyone else enjoying Storment’s series?

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      Timothy Keller

      We tend to demonize the opposite group of people or thing of what we idolize.

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