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      Jim Miller

      Have you noticed that most churches cater to the “traditional” family? You know, Mom, Dad and the 2.2 kids. And, these persons should be ministered to! But, what about the 51% of the population who are not married? That’s right, over half the population is unmarried! And, most don’t go to church (About 15%) It would seem that churches that want to succeed in evangelism would seek out the lost and not care if they are married or single.
      Of course, there are rational reasons to avoid the unmarried.
      Many are “needy”. Especially, single mothers and widows. Too much trouble! Funny how the Bible (James 1:27) calls this pure religion.
      Financial strain. (James, again, 2:1-7) condemns this thought process. And while some unmarried individuals are short of cash….. we remember that others (like Bill Gates who was a BILLIONAIRE long before he married) have financial stability.
      Statistics show that (some) kids of single parents are difficult and undisciplined. Yes, this group needs more mentoring. Couldn’t you be part of the solution? After all, the church is to save the lost.
      What about “shacking up”? Yes, many people are co-habitating without marriage, even raising children. Many SENIORS are doing the same. And it is not in God’s plan. But, providing support, encouragement and understanding is in HIS will. Only with patience and a good example will Christians make a difference to the unchurched.
      We must accept that there is an issue!

      Statistics show that……

      * 40% of our children are in a single parent home

      * 40% of newborns are born to single parents

      * 15% of single parents attend a church on a regular basis

      * 90% of church attending adults never attend regularly after a divorce

      Statistics are from the U.S. Census (2010) and The 2015 Rutgers University Marriage and Family Forum with influence from Christianity today.

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      Matt Dabbs

      Thanks for pointing all of this out! We have a lot of hurt, brokenness, and misperceptions/misinformation around this topic and I look forward to gleaning more from your expertise in this area!

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